Anand System: A Sherlock Holmes type deep but quick investigation at each move

Vishwanathan Anand, the current chess world champion since year 2007 and who has won FIDE world championship five times in years 2000, 2007, 2008, 2010 and 2012 has a tactical style of play but adjusts to situation very quickly.

In one of the series by Sir Aurthur Conan Doyale, Sherlock holmes describes how he reached a certain conclusion. He says that he links one evidence to other, gets an obvious conclusion, then links this conclusion to another evidence, gets another conclusion and doing this again and again reaches a completely un-obvious conclusion described by many as a genius one.

Anand's System of chess thinking in my view matches a bit with Sherlock Homes style of investigation. At each move he links one improvement to other and finds a series of moves which will finally lead to success. So, his immediate moves or not obviously devastating but a series of moves are finally winning.

In some way, Anand's system of play is similar to Capablanca but Anand has got very strong in opening analysis too. Like Capa, Anand also makes chess very simple with his very aggressive but solid style of play. Anand's preparation in openings has been his forte. Another factor which has helped Anand is his intutive ability to calculate a deep series of moves very quickly. So a certain sacrifice is looked as a mistake by opponent as it has been played very quickly (especially when Anand has made several mistakes too in the past) but has actually  come out of deep calculation. So, these quick moves by Anand are more dangerous than normal or moves coming out after long thinking.

(more to come.....) 

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