Lipnitskty System: Raising Questions on chess assumptions

Mr. Isaac Lipnitsky of Ukraine is unknown to most of us. He was a brilliant player but could live only 36 years due to severe illness. The system developed by him through his superbook (as it is called) "Questions of Modern Chess Theory" brought the game of chess from Nimzowitch era to a new one. He raised questions on almost all the assumptions in positional chess principles and could establish the conditions for the success of these principles. For example, he demonstrated that even after gaining a strong centre, players have lost games as their opponents attacked the centre vigorously as it happens in Alekhine Defence and in many other openings. Thus gaining a strong centre is not sufficient in itself but we have to strengthen it further and use it to launch attacks on the opponent. Similarly, we can attack opponent's centre and win the game without holding a strong centre ourselves.

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