Smyslov System: The strengths & limitations of chess pieces

Mr. Vasily Smyslov had a perfect understanding of the strengths & limitations of different chess pieces. His game was based on creating simple but uneven positions favourable to his pieces.

Smyslov System can be understood as a combination of Botvinnik and Capablanca systems:

Opening Innovations: Like Botvinnik, Smyslov developed many opening systems. 

Simplified Middle-game:  Here, Smyslov differed from Botvinnik. While Botvinnik believed in taking the game away from opponent in opening to middle-game phase, Smyslov depended more on his endgame expertise. So, Smyslov kept midddlegame simple (like Capablanca).

Perfect Endgame: It comes out that all the players who learnt chess from their father were excellent in endgame (Capablanca, Smyslov, Karpov). Smyslov is known as a perfect endgame player. His wins came out mostly from his endgame expertise.

Example Game 1: Smyslov beats Botvinnik in their World Championship Match with positionaly accuracy

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Example Game 2: Smyslov punishes small positional mistake by Korchnoi of advancing his b pawn too ahead and wins the game with his endgame accuracy

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