Kramnik System: A System of Cool Positional Perfection

Mr. Vladimir Kramnik developed a system with extreme positional orientation. Current World Champion  Mr. Vishy Anand has once said that Kramnik  never looses a game. Kramnik's method of winning can be described as following:

1. First take each one of your piece at its positionally correct square so that it can exert maximum pressure on the opponent position. Also keep looking if your opponent is not getting any tactical advantage during this process. If so, handle the tactical nuiances also keeping in mind the positional correctness. Keep patience.

2. Only when all your pieces have reached their positionally correct squares, launch aggressive attacks on opponent weaknesses.

3. Follow  prophylaxis by not allowing your opponent to take his/ her pieces to their positionally effective squares. So determine the positionally correct squares not only for your pieces but for your opponent's pieces too. Then bring your pieces to their positionally effective squares and do not let your opponent do so for himself at the same time. Chess is a continuous struggle of occupying best squares for your pieces and not letting your opponent do the same. (Oh I heard armies follow the same principles while fighting a war. So chess is similar to real battleground).

4. Long and Complex Positional Maneuvers: This is a key element in Kramnik System. His positional maneuvers are often so long that his opponent gets confused that what is Kramnik doing. The positional accuracy in Kramnik's games is just overwhelming.

(more to come)

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